Construction Management is a huge part of the onsite success of the project. Gencoast Construction offers complete Construction Management services to take the client’s/engineers’ designs and ideas, to completion. Below are some of the key actions that the construction management team offers (but not limited to):

Detailed Project Scheduling and Site Organization

  • Material procurement to minimize delays due to long lead times.
  • Organization of all trades to allow for efficient construction flow on-site.
  • Provision of information and details to trades to minimize standby and re-work costs.
  • Complete inventory management and allocation.
  • Comprehensive Site planning for construction services efficiency.

Project Quality and Control

  • Monitor and ensure that the engineering specifications are understood and implemented.
  • Ensure that the quality of work meets aquaculture standards.
  • Coordination of quality control testing and inspections as required throughout the duration of the project.
  • Provide milestones and detailed updates to Clients and project managers.
  • Provide detailed as-built drawings to engineers and clients.

Project Implementation

  • Doing what it takes to get the project completed on time and on budget.