Stage One

Work with process engineers and clients during the design phase

  1. Make sure designs are constructible to allow cost savings during construction
  2. Coordinate, facilitate, review, and compare information and design opinions
  3. Make sure clients’ design goals are upheld through the design process
  4. Gather field information as required for the engineers
  5. Create a preliminary construction schedule
  6. Create a preliminary Opinion of Probable Cost (OPC) based on Process Designs (Could be used for preliminary CAPEX request)

Stage Two

Coordinate Process Design Implementations

  1. Coordinate with electrical, mechanical, and civil engineers
    Align drawings, review for possible conflicts and constraints
    Allowing for a clean cost-effective solution
  2. Procurement for equipment with clients and vendors
    Equipment, building selection, vendor selection
  3. Information transfer between various vendors and engineers
    Engineering specs to vendors, control systems, drawing packages.
  4. Re-evaluate the construction schedule
  5. Re-evaluate the OPC with Updated/current market costs. (Possible CAPEX update for submittal)

Stage Three

Construction Implementation

  1. Create cost effective procedures to save construction costs
  2. Monitor and update construction Schedule
  3. Monitor and update budget
  4. Coordinate contractors, vendors, and engineers
  5. Monitor quality assurance and client’s level of detail
  6. Create monthly reports to summarize progress and budgets

Stage Four

Handoff Package for Operations

  1. Complete drawing package of designs
    Full list of equipment and vendors
    Create and SOP for the systems
  2. Commission the system and training.
  3. Complete full budget and schedule hand off
    Review for possible adjustments and comments for future projects.