Below is what Gencoast offers to clients, on past and current projects, broken out by project phases, but not limited to.

If you would like specific examples from past projects, please advise.

Concrete Work

We typically bring in 4-5 key persons and hire local labour to assist. This allows us to maintain top quality to the concrete work.

Cast in place

  • Structural building foundations for large RAS facilities
  • Culture tanks, walls completed in one pour for a perfectly circular 800m3 tank
  • Full treatment sumps for RAS equipment
  • Finished floors and general building concrete.
  • We use large forms where possible and try and pour in modular forms to allow for efficiency and cost savings.
  • Grout and pack holes and seams to create a smooth non porous finish for a final product or in preparation for coating.

Pre cast

  • Culture tanks
  • Treatment modules designs
  • Grout and seal all precast seams and joints

Pipe Work

All piping inside of an RAS, install kilometers of pipes to connect well fields and discharge outfall pipes to sites.


  • Gencoast has fusion machines and operators from ½” to 36” pipe and have fused up to 42” diameter on projects
  • We generally like to prefabricate as much as possible to help speed up and limit the critical paths.
  • Gencoast has electrofusion equipment
  • Gencoast has extrusion welding equipment for creating custom elements
  • Install the pipes below or above grade


  • Gencoast installed PVC solvent weld or gasketed piping from ½” to 24”

Fish friendly pipes

  • Install pipe in a way that is safe for transporting fish with either HDPE or PVC.

Excavation and civil

  • Depending on location, will provide excavator operators or through subcontractors for trenching for the installation of pipes, Foundations and grading.
  • We have set up screening on sites in prior project to make sand and gravel when economically feasible.

Equipment Install

Gencoast has installed the following equipment sized from first feed to Post smolt systems.

  • Drum filters and PLC’s
  • Aeration systems and blowers
  • Bio reactor systems,
  • In line and open channel UV systems
  • Pumps
  • Pressure pack columns (skid mount units)
  • Monitoring packages
  • Grading and vaccination machines.
  • Fiberglass components.
  • Feed distribution systems (DalTec)
  • Comp hatch and incubation equipment

Subcontractor Prep Work

We assist with Subcontractors to help minimize costs but having the proper setup, material on hand, and an operator for moving material available to them.